Create an eCommerce website in minutes

Build elegant eCommerce website

Just like an offline store, an online store needs to be attractive, and provide wide choice to shoppers. With Shopnix you can build ecommerce websites with beautiful designs.

Take a look at the fantastic website designs included with Shopnix.

Create Ecommerce website design - Body Care online store
Create Ecommerce website design - Brands online store

Shopnix features are continuosly tested with real life consumers.
This ensures that the shopping experience on a Shopnix ecommerce website is smooth and seamless.

Design aids Search & Discovery

After a consumer lands on your online store the first thing s/he looks for is the product they want. To help every consumer find the right product/s, you will need powerful search and discovery features in built in the store design.

To help shoppers navigate easily Shopnix ecommerce websites have easily-accessible 3 level product menus.

Design of the main (hover) menu on your ecommerce online store
Design of side menus on your ecommerce website

Intuitive filters allow shoppers to quickly sift through products listed. They can "Browse" by product category/ sub-category or "Refine" by attributes like brands, colors or sizes.
When you build your online store, you can setup multiple product "refine" attributes.

With the powerful search bar shoppers can quickly type in what they are looking for and find the exact product. Search results can be sorted by multiple criterion to match and compare products.

Design of the search and sort features on your ecommerce website

Shopping Cart & Check Out

Similar to an offline store Shopnix shoppers can add items to a shopping cart

Design of Quick cart on a Shopnix ecommerce website

and proceed to payment. With the quick cart design, your shoppers get instant feedback of their total spend as they add more items to the cart. This is very helpful when a shopper's cart has more than one item. All Shopnix website designs include the quick cart.

Design of shopping cart review feature on your ecommerce website

Before proceeding to checkout shoppers can also quickly review their total spend and add/ remove items from cart to fit their budgets.

Checkout and payments should be quick and easy.
Shopnix "3-click-checkout" ensures a hassle free checkout for shoppers visiting your ecommerce website.

Design of Checkout feature in the ecommerce shopping cart
Build an ecommerce website & Accept credit cards, debit cards and all digital payments

You can configure check-out to include multiple payment modes which your store supports.

Building such a cool & feature rich eCommerce website will take you between 6-8 months if you hired a web agency. With Shopnix you can create the eCommerce website in minutes

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