Static Pages

The static pages are the web pages whose contents will not change frequently unlike the product page and home page. The static pages contains information like contact details, shop policy, terms and conditons, etc.


In terms of usability, static pages help users to know more about your store and store policies. For example, you can show payment related information and security in one page and FAQ's which contains the informaion about how to use the store, store features and answers to some basic questions related to your store in another page.

Users may want to know about your store's information, store's history and other information which are related to your store. This information you can add in about-us page.

The contact details like, support email-id, phone number, etc. Can be displayed in the contact-us page. When users required any help about your store, they can reach you using information on contact-us page.

Building such a cool & feature rich eCommerce website will take you between 6-8 months if you hired a web agency. With Shopnix you can create the eCommerce website in minutes

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