List view of products inside store

Products displayed in list page are listed one after another in list view. A single row contains the details, offer and image of the product.

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Create eCommerce website design - Body Care online store
Create eCommerce website design - Brands online store

List view represents data by categories, subcategories, and products. In the product list view, all items are displayed in a horizontal manner with product details including product image, product name, and price, accompanied by the 'Add to wishlist' and 'View details' button.

List view enable and disable

After a consumer lands on your online store, the first thing s/he looks for is the product they want. If your product is well arranged then, it will attract the consumers more and more. The arrangement of the products either in the grid or in list layout.

List views should be employed when the text is important or when technical info is what matters the most.

Design of the main (hover) menu on your eCommerce online store
Design of side menus on your eCommerce website

By default the products of your store comes in grid view option however, you can switch in between grid and list view option.
As shown in figure you can switch to list view option by just clicking on the list option.

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