How secure is my Shopnix eCommerce store?

At Shopnix, our top priority is not design or features but security. Large enterprises ( use Shopnix to run their store and for them financial customer data is extremely critical. We serve millions of hits and hundreds of gigabytes per month, so it takes a serious infrastructure to make sure we can serve lots of traffic, really quickly, with a minimum of down-time.

We have stringent security checks on ALL Shopnix stores. All your web traffic comes through a sophisticated front-end system involving multiple components, details of which are below.

First is the firewall. Our firewall scans all web input to block attacks from ever touching the servers. The Shopnix Firewalls also scans outbound traffic providing highly effective data loss prevention (DLP). With features that optimize application delivery and availability like content caching, data compression and SSL acceleration the application performance is optimized and impact on servers is reduced. Integrated load balancing further optimizes performance and provides high availability.

Next is our IDS (Intrusion Detection System) - an application that scans every incoming packet of data for malicious activity such as known application exploits, email-harvesting, cross-site scripting attacks, SQL-injection attacks, etc.. This comes from a database which is regularly updated by security agencies. Right now we're blocking about thousands of attacks per day!

We serve static content, like images, javascript, & stylesheets directly off the Amazon Content Delivery Network, thus protecting the back-end system from having to do unwanted heavy lifting. This results in faster response-times for your visitors and off-loads that much work from your home server.

In addition, we also have a robust backup system in place. Application database backups for Shopnix occur on the following frequencies: On-site backups are performed daily and retained for seven days; All backup data is encrypted.

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