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Easily customize & run your online store

Lets look more closely at the daily activities involved in running your online store:

Usual workflow of your eCommerce store

You would want to keep inventory updated which means:
Add new products or update stock levels for existing products
Remove old/ outdated products

You will want to track shopper activity on your eCommerce website.
The order processing team will need to process orders flowing in from the website.

Shopnix Store Manager software nicely integrates with all these daily activities of your store.
Find out below how the Shopnix eCommerce solution can help you in running your online store.


The dashboard is where you have quick access to all the features of the Store Manager.
On the dashboard you also get intelligence reports about your Sales & Sales-growth as rich visualizations.

Screenshot of eCommerce store manager Software Dashboard

You would want to be alerted about activities that need your immediate attention.
Dashboard has some cool widgets to assist you with this.

The Stock Alert widget lists the products whose stock level has gone below a critical threshold.

Screenshot of stock alert widget - Shopnix eCommerce software
Screenshot of top selling widget - Shopnix eCommerce software

The Top Selling widget gives a pie-chart summary of the top selling products on your store.

Manage your inventory

Using the Inventory Manager you can define or update the product catalog.
You can currently group products under -
Product Types > Product Categories > Product Sub-Categories.

Lets say you are selling books. Then for your store:
Type is Books, Categories are Academic, Children, Fiction, Technology and so on.
Sub-Categories under Fiction can be Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance and so on.

Once you define a catalog, you can start creating products.
Products have standard attributes (such as Brand, Price, Discount, Inventory level) &
Attributes specific to a business vertical (Eg: For books attributes such as Author, ISBN No, Publisher, Blurbs and so on)

We've done a lot to make the store management a lovely experience for you. Check out our FAQ's page to find out why you will love the Store Manager interface.

Process Orders

A typical order processing workflow on Shopnix goes something like this

Order completion page on the Shopnix eCommerce solution

Step 1: Shopper completes purchase on the online store

Step 2: The order immediately shows up as a "New" order under Store Manager. The order management team can now kick-start the internal processing for the order.

Screenshot of current orders widget - Shopnix eCommerce solution

Order status management feature of Shopnix eCommerce software
Step 3: As every stage of the internal processing is completed the status of the order can be changed to reflect the status.

And tons of other useful features

Customer Tracking
Integrated with leading user-analytics engines

Manage Shop Profile & Design
Manage eCommerce website branding (like Logo, banners and theme)
& profile (Support email, Phone & other details)

User Management
Assign users varying levels of previeleges
(to distribute the work among multiple teams)

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