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Onsite SEO - for eCommerce marketing

eCommerce store with inbuilt eCommerce marketing

How do shoppers find your online shop?
Obviously through all the online and offline marketing and promotions that you create around your store.

However, there is another important thing that matters for a web store. Its the store's visibility on the internet i.e how visible is your store in search engines results of Google, Bing and content networks such as Yahoo!

Think about a shopper who is Googling a product listed on your store. To ensure that your product listing ends up in the search results shown by Google - there's a lot that needs to be done.

The set of activities that increase your internet visibility is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. SEO includes onsite-optimization (i.e stuff that needs to be done within your webstore) and offsite-optimization (i.e stuff that you need to do outside your web-store).

When you create a store on Shopnix, the Onsite-SEO module performs all the required onsite-optimization for your store automatically.

We actively track the developments in SEO space and release requisite upgrades to your store automatically and for FREE!

Payment Gateway - for eCommerce payments

eCommerce store with inbuilt payment services

Electronic payments i.e payments by Credit cards, Debit cards and Internet Banking is one of the key reasons shoppers prefer online stores.
To run time-bound campaigns such as deal-of-the-day or a stock-clearance sale you would require advance payments from your shoppers.

A payment gateway has a big role in enabling electronic payments. Unless you prefer only Cash-On-Delivery for your payments, your store has to be integrated with a payment gateway.

Shopnix is continuosly being integrated with the most popular payment gateways.

If Shopnix is not yet integrated with the gateway of your choice, we can expedite the integration. Technical integration cycles have now been reduced to 2-5 days, so we can integrate with your gateway pretty quickly.

Email Framework - for communication

Email is an extremely effective tool to manage your customer-relation. Shopnix is integrated with a Bulk-Email-framework to shoot out personalised emails:

eCommerce service checkmark During customer sign-up & validation.
eCommerce service checkmark For communications required to reset passwords.
eCommerce service checkmark On order completion, to send order details to customer.

You would also want to get shoppers back to your store by sending them personalized emails. With the Shopnix Email framework you can intimate customers about the latest arrivals on your store.

eCommerce store with inbuilt email framework

Shopnix includes all vital eCommerce services needed to run your store.
We continuosly improve & add more services essential for your online store.


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